Suden's House Of Meats

The House of Meats processes wild game on a one-by-one basis. This ensures that you get your own animal back packaged and at the height of freshness. When you bring your game to us, you are first greeted by our friendly counter staff. They will customize your order to fit your family's specific needs. The size of the portions, specific cuts of meat, and even the amount of fat are all up to you! You can also special order delicious sausage, jerky, and luncheon meats from our Yellowstone Sausage Company.

After your specific cutting order has been set in place by our friendly counter staff you take your tag to the processing department. They will attach the tag with your name and information to the animal. This tag never leaves your animal at any time. This is how we keep track of your specific wild game, ensuring you get back what you brought in.

Cutting room.

After your animal has been skinned and cleaned it goes to the cutting room and is cut to your specific needs by our employees. The cutters we employ have many years of experience with processing game. The select cuts of meat are separated and placed into labeled bags. Our bags are labeled for each specific cut of meat and the type of animal it came from. If you have several species of wild game in your freezer you can tell an antelope steak from an elk chop at a glance.

From the cutting room, game goes directly to the vacuum packaging area. Hamburger is made here with the exact amount of beef suet added to your specifications. A little or a lot all depends on your family's needs. The entire order is then vacuum packed to ensure absolute freshness.

Vacuum packed.

When this process is complete your order is then put into a freezer and you are contacted to let you know your animal is ready to be picked up! This quick and efficient method of processing has been developed by The House of Meats in order to assure our customers that their needs are of the utmost importance to us.

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